March 3, 2014
by Michael

Welcome to Outdoor Hebrides!

Outdoor Hebrides is the first website dedicated to outdoor activities in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland

Situated at the northwest edge of Europe between between 56 to 59 degrees north, the Hebrides is a world-class natural resource for adventure, an incredible playground in an unspoilt wilderness. The sheer variety of activities available is mind-boggling for such a compact area and can be attributed to the diverse range of landscapes in the archipelago. From the seasoned adventurer to the absolute beginner, there are experiences and activities that will cater for all. This is a place of incredible empty waves, silent hills and deserted beaches, where the peace and tranquillity of a truly ‘wild’ environment is unforgettable to any adventurer.

The Hebrides are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and etched with deep sea-lochs. There is a lifetime’s exploration by sailing boat and it is the perfect place for sea-kayaking with paddling to rival the best in the world. Year-round swells onto outstanding reef breaks and beaches provides the most consistent surf in Europe, making the Hebrides a world-class location for surfing, windsurfing and kite-surfing. Fast boats explore the myriad islands and coves. Under the waves divers find a paradise of reefs, caves and forest kelps, in clear, clean water. Out west lies the World Heritage Site of St Kilda, with its incredible variety of marine life – one of the most famous and demanding locations for serious divers.

On land, the oldest rock in the world dots the surface in a landscape awesome in its emptiness. Where else in Britain is there so much unclimbed rock? From sea cliffs to mountain crags, it is all waiting to be discovered, and named! World-class events held on the islands prove how important the Hebrides’ adventure resource is. The Hebridean Challenge, one of Europe’s toughest adventure-races, is a week long race the length of the island chain in kayaks, bikes, and by swimming and running. Four half marathons and two challenging hill races take place every year. September 2001 saw the first international Hebridean Surf festival with professional world champion surfers competing on the Hebridean waves. The Sea and Surf Kayak Symposium in North Uist is known as the friendliest symposium in the UK.

March 5, 2014
by Michael

How to get Fit for your Outdoor Activities this Year

No matter how much you enjoy kayaking, surfing, paddling, diving and other amazing outdoor activities you are always limited somewhat by your physical fitness. If you are out of shape then some of these activities can be pretty tough work, and may take some of the enjoyment out of them. Just imagine how much more rewarding a physically intense activity such as kayaking can be if you are in great shape and able to really push hard and make the most of what the fast flowing waters throw at you. Well all you need to do is stick to a good fitness regime, sure you will need some motivation to do that but that is easy when you have a end goal. Of course doing outdoor activities will get you somewhat fit anyway but most people aren’t in a situation where they can do that regularly so they need to head to the gym or even more convenient is to purchase fitness equipment for your own home.

How to Get Fit in the Comfort of your own Home

For me the best way to stick to a fitness regime is to buy my own fitness equipment for my home. This way I will feel guilty if I don’t make good use of it since it can be fairly expensive, and this forces me to put in the hours each week. I have tried quite a few different machines out but for me nothing comes close to a rowing machine for a full body workout. Not only do these babies work your heat and lungs but they also tone your muscles, so you are killing two birds with one stone here. In order to find the best rowing machine I had to read lots of rowing machine reviews like the ones at this site. I decided to go with the highest rated rowing machine in the world which is the Concept2 Model D, it is pretty expensive but you get what you pay for. I love using this rower, it is fantastic quality and provides a fun and enjoyable workout.

Of course there are many other ways to workout at home to suit everybody’s budget, you could purchase a cheap exercise bike, some dumbbells even workout without equipment doing push ups and other exercises. Whatever way you choose the most important thing is to keep at it and the next time you head out on an adventure you will be able to tackle everything mother nature throws at you and ensure a very good time.

Over to you

Now it’s time for you guys to make a decision, you can of course just keep in your current shape whether good or bad and still enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. Or you can make a decision to really make the most of the mother nature and get fighting fit for your next adventure holiday. I know which one I would choose.